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Transforming the Culture into a Culture of Timeless Beauty that Speaks to Modern Man


David Clayton, Saturday, July 30, 2017  10:00 to Noon


A culture is the emergent pattern of activity associated with a society of people that manifests and in turn sustains and nurtures the core beliefs, values and priorities of that society. The culture matters to people, for when the pattern of culture speaks of our world veiw, we see it as something beautiful (although we may not use that word) and it reassures us, for we feel at home in the world. This is why when fighting for the Faith, so first the battleground is the culture rather than politics or the law. The champions of modernity won the battle for the culture long before engaged in political and legal battles.


For Christians, therefore, who want to reclaim society for the Faith, so much of the activity of evangelization must begin with the evangelization of the culture into a one that connects with modern man and speaks to him of the beauty of heaven. But how do we do this? In order to do this we must understand what forms culture. Many people who see the ugliness of much of our current culture, blame it on mass production, industrialization and capitalism. I say that these institutions of modernity simply reflect and propogate the underlying forms very powerfully; and those underlying forms are created by something else. In this talk, we discuss what really does form culture and what each of us can do to play our part in the transfiguration of the culture.


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